NaturalScooterish – Hello! I am working with a gentleman who is suffering from an infection in his leg. The line of work I am in prevents me from advising him but I would dearly love to help him, if he is willing.

I feel he needs something in the natural form to help him. May I have some advice on what kind of natural medicine can help him heal? The medical community has left him high and dry. Thank you!

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Now my dear, you know that you cannot do it for him. It is your amazing heart for you love this one and want to help him. Oh my dear, you’ve been looking for a father figure in many different beings. And you see some gentle soul that needs help and you want to help them—but you cannot cross these lines unless you realize that you will truly get yourself into a great deal of trouble.

So, give him the information. Give him information to seek out for himself. He truly would do best with a very old-fashioned, natural poultice. Good advice would be to tell him to see a shaman, a natural healer. There are many, and you perhaps could even direct him to some, but do not give him the exact information because it will only cause you difficulties. I know you would like to find an excuse to leave this place of work—but you do not want to do it this way.

And how are you doing my dear one? I know how you are doing. You are trying to be so busy and not think about how truly exhausted you are feeling. I want to just scoop you up and take you to the seashore, have you listen to the waves and hear the grinding of the gravel under the water. Do you remember… Oh I speak too much.  I love you my dear.