Seeking Joy

Happy December. It’s always been my favourite time of year. Today I dragged a ragged breath in and said quietly, “But how do we do it during this pandemic, during COVID?” I’m feeling more emotional than ever. Everything about this season is about loved ones, being together, and creating memories.

As I sat trying to find an answer, of how do we do this, my wonderful, gentle guide spoke. “The most amazing qualities of the human being’s learning is… that growth is greater and love more intense. The beautiful strength of the human spirit can radiate its light farther in the most difficult of times. Listen to your ancient carols and tales of old. It’s during the most difficult conditions you become the most radiant.” Telling me, “It will be different. It may be painful. You may cry.”

As I put up the tree, the memories I have of all the happy moments, they will keep me as I decorate, as I bake.

Come with me, in this time. Let us find joy together.




Photo by Olya P, Unsplash

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