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BJ – I have been plagued with an itchy rash on parts of my body for well over a month now. I have sought medical advise and the best diagnosis was that I didn’t have scabies. I have been taking an antihistamine and rubbing a corticosteroid lotion on the itchy patches on my body and while it hasn’t spread or worsened, it doesn’t seem to be healing and as soon as I see improvement it flares up again.  I hope that the guides can shed some light on this frustrating condition and perhaps enlighten me if this is emotional or the environment.

Dearest, dearest, beautiful BJ.  You know that it is emotional and environmental.  There are times when you have felt like you have been through a whirlwind.  There are parts of your being so exhausted, yet you always put on a beautiful front that no one knows the depth of your angst.

How to soothe?  Look at your being, your beautiful body, as an amazing container for your spirit. But it is also is to teach you.  It is bringing up awareness of your unhappiness.  But it is also telling you that there are things it no longer will tolerate.  And some of these have to do with detergents and some of it has to do with certain elements of actual, what you think are healthy things that you have ingested, but they contain additives that are irritants to your very fine covering.

When one’s skin is having difficulty, one’s liver is also having difficulty.  So begin by being very gentle on your being.  You see in your world now many things that are detoxifying and they are  very harsh, not necessarily good for you.  You do not want to shock your system any more, but gently ease it into the perfect balance.

Now then, begin by understanding with each area element of difficulty you begin at square one again, almost as if you were dealing with a babe again. So feed your body only the best food, only the purest closest form to its natural state.  I giggle and laugh when you think you might not be able to have some of those lovely things you do have.  And that is alright to treat yourself once in a while, but remember many of those things cause difficulties for the liver.

Lots of oils, soups, broths that are made by you. Lots of green nutrients to cleanse, to lighten.  You do not need take in any one form or source, but lots of vegetables and light fruit, especially fruit from where you live; apples being the best for your liver.

Stop putting that lotion on your skin as it is only thinning it and that is not what you want.  You must realize that your skin is renewed every few weeks in your physical world.  Yes, you get a very new batch each time.  It sloughs off constantly.  So begin each day by seeing and being radiant. Know your body is beautiful, that it will heal and be strong and radiant with all of the skin thick and glowing.  Nourish it with the best of oils, very, very good protein.  Not too much protein, but with a small amount with every meal and lots of vegetables.

As to what to put on these scaly itch patches, love.  But with love you could try coconut oil.  You could try rose oil, you could try many of the natural herbs made into oils.  I do not think you should use sesame oil although it is often used on the skin.  It has a bit of a grit and you do not want to irritate.

It is alright to itch.  It is a natural response.  You must now if you proceed in using these detergents to rinse your clothing very often and nothing too foreign from the natural state of cotton, linen or silk to be near your skin.  In time you will be able to use all of these things again and eat whatever you wish.  But right now, you need to rest, to heal, to stay warm and lots of sleep.

And sometimes, just sometimes, you can be healed in an instant by knowing love of self.  So mix it in with all of these actions, blessed one.  Love that beautiful being that you are.  Realize how perfect you are.  In a perfect path you must have some irritants, but you can heal and renew and be.


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  1. joannapettit June 18, 2014 at 4:41 pm - Reply

    Such wonderful advice here.

  2. StandingStill June 22, 2014 at 1:23 am - Reply

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    What happened with Trayvon’s death affected me too much. I never understood this and this itself worried me. I thought I could make a difference. I don’t want to be powerless. These people should not be allowed to get away with this. Was it that I charged for the book or did I charge too much for it? The wrongdoers are still controlling the system and Zimmerman is a free man. I feel like all of my hard work was in vain. Yes, it helped me, but I did not just write for me. I wrote to get justice. I have difficulty even getting copies to his parents! Please help me to comfort my spirit. (Please read as written. Thank you.)

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