Riots, fear and the need to speak of alternate possibilties

Joanna asks:

Can you talk about this thing that just happened in London, this explosion of anarchy and anger?

The guide’s response:

Love them.  Hear them.  See them.  For that is what they want.  Like children having a temper tantrum to be seen, to be heard, they want those in power to hear them, for they hurt.  They believe that power is what they want but in truth it is love.  Simplistic maybe.  Those who dwell in a great negative really only want the great positive–for it is the only thing that neutralizes.

As you say that I understand what you’re saying and yet we live in a society that abandons or at least ignores many of its poor, the youth, the unemployed.  I don’t know what we can do about that.

Donna asks:

And then you have someone like Obama who is doing everything he can to try to help the poor, and being stopped at every turn.

The guide’s response:

Yes, the physical world is set up in a way that very often even when a great and wonderful being shows the light, there will be those that try to put it out.  For they fear that light, they fear change, they fear information that will create a different understanding within them.

Fear tries to stop change, growth, forward movement, but it cannot.  The light, otherwise known as love, will radiate.  There are even those that have supported the love but when they are amongst many they fear to say they support it.  There is a mentality and understanding that a large number thinking one way is more positive than one who stands out and says:  There is a way, different, than perhaps you have known, but a way that will bring greater light.

Do not try to change all.  Understand that choices you make affect your path.  Speak of your choices. Speak of your change. You yourself fear anyone else saying that you must be what their belief is.  So do not say this.  Just say that there are possibilities.  If each being chooses for the greater good of themselves it will affect the great good of others.

When you live in a dimension of learning where the good and the bad, the male and the female, the light and the dark exist, there is a place in the middle.  It is called ONE.  It is part of all, all of you.  To this one, to this place, be that God–or whatever name you wish to use.  From this source draw your strength, and in those times where there is great chaos, come to the center of the balance and you shall be.  And you shall shed light upon the darkness and coolness upon the very, very brightness.  And you shall be.

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  1. h August 18, 2011 at 9:56 am - Reply

    Hi Ladies it’s very interesting to read what the guides have said re: the London riots. Thank you 4 asking the question :-)

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