Reconciling a spiritual understanding when experiencing difficult times


The guides that Jane channels talk about the journey of many lifetimes that souls have to go through to complete the whole understanding of the human experience-and that we have to experience this whole range of experiences in order to become fully spiritual.  Presumably this includes pain as well as joy, limitation as well as freedom and success, difficulty as well as ease?  

It seems that we like to include the positive as a proof of spiritual progress, however, we seem to judge ourselves as ‘less than spiritual’ or failing in our connection with our higher selves when we have trials and tribulations.

Can the guides speak of how to reconcile these two sets of experiences?

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Oh, my dear one, my dear, dear, one. I guess you have been thinking a great deal about many of the things you have been through.

I say “guess” because you don’t even know if you are thinking the right things, or the wrong things right now.

It is true, no pain, you think everything is positive and in pain everything must be negative.  It would be a very strange condition if you were to stub your toe and say oh yes that is a wonderful action.  You live in a physical world with all of its’ myriad of wonderful experiences.

But even the wisest knows that there must be a reason for even the most difficult times.  And it is only when you are through this situation that you see by looking back upon it, with love, that it was a wonderful opportunity to grow.  For once you have walked through the pain, you know it, you can see it in another’s eyes, you can feel it in their being and you can extend a hand to them, that you are one with them.  You must know it, to be it.

Evolved beings have often said they have more difficult lives because they recognize and know all of the pain, all of the suffering that a new being doesn’t even feel in any part of their being yet.  But an ancient one would look upon them and feel it to the very inner part of their being.

What you do with that knowledge is up to the individual to suffer, or you can be at peace. I know you would not jump with joy, but there is a calm knowing after the storm that all is well.

To walk about saying I must be doing something wrong can be only affected by you by saying “what is it I have yet to understand of this.”

There are beings that are unwell through chemical and certain situations that their minds cannot pull themselves out of these great, deep negativities.  That is not the learning situation of most beings.  There is up and down, ebb and flow, yin and yang, male and female.  There is always two sides to a balance and then the greatest place you want to be is in the middle, not the high or low, but the middle, knowing, familiar and loving both ends of the scale.

It is not a great debt laid upon you, blessed one, but a choice you made  to come.  Your healing has been a great gift even though you might see it as a great burden.  No, you see the burdens of others greater than your own.  Yes, I know wise one.  I know who you be.  I love you.

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