Ginger asks about deja vu. She says, “I’ve recently experienced one that felt foreboding. I think that feeling was my own fear and not some sort of warning, but it left me wondering if I had previously dreamed that moment or if it was somehow another chance for me to understand my own feelings more accurately. It reminded me of an experience I had years ago that I feel enabled me to change my coarse of action and avoid a potential negative situation. Thank you.”

There are many, many explanations for déjà vu from tripping of the brain, to a magnetic freeze, to a past life experience, to experiences of very evolved soul. And very evolved beings, or souls, or entities have this quite often. They are often quite outside themselves, seeing it and going, “Oh that’s right,” and then catching up to the body. Be patient my dear. Foreboding for what? Having information, good or bad, ahead of time is being, well… prepared. Be thankful that you have an early information system. Know that you are a very evolved being and everything that is given to you, you can deal with.