My daughter would like to know if people and the dinosaurs ever existed together?  Did they ever walk together?

What a beautiful bright shining light.  You made this one right, a beautiful being of great light.  She is fascinated with these large creatures.  Please tell her mankind and dinosaurs still exist together. And they did walk on separate paths, but yes, at the same time.

Movements were much more difficult at one time than now.

Yes, dinosaurs still exist in your world. They are with you still.  They lay eggs.  They have wings.  They live in the oceans.  They were not all eradicated.  Mankind has evolved.

Do you see, my dearest little one, you think of your presence on your earth as a long time.  In fact, the development of your very DNA has taken centuries, but in spirit understanding it was mere seconds.

The need to create the physical domain came first and then the need to give the acids, the amino acids, the proteins to carry the load of the greater human existence.  Yes, man has walked with dinosaurs. Not as man is today or dinosaurs are today.  Each different in a much more simple form than what has evolved to now.

Keeping asking beautiful little one for you are an amazing being.