L writes:

Dear guides and ladies, I am so conflicted about the concept of polyamory and monogamy. I have figured out if there is no wrong or right in the grand scheme of things, then polyamory is not “wrong.” But deep inside, I feel that it is not the highest form of romantic love. Sure I could love Jake, Rob and Joe romantically, but even if I had the time to, I just feel like it is best to distill this love with one person. You know, I could love many people but love one romantically. I just feel like even if I did not experience insecurity or jealousy, if I was perfectly comfortable with myself, that monogamy is the “highest” form a romantic relationship can take and that I would want it. Am I wrong? Thank you guides n’ ladies for reading, listening and answering. Thank you.

The guide’s response:

The physical dimension is made up of positive and negative.  It is made by ionic dimensions of energy. Thus meaning, two sides.  Your many belief systems will show it.  The fact that there are male and female.  The fact that there are very few creatures that are just singular. And, even in their singular, they have a positive and negative or male and female.  And so you will see this manifested in many different ways.  In this sphere, mother energy, there is love, one.  This is channelled into your physical dimension into two separate beings, but your spirit will learn both male, female, positive, negative, high and low, happy, sad.  It is what creates the balance.

The OM is the middle of the whole range.  Your job is to seek the middle, but only by doing both sides of this vibrational range. Perhaps more scientific than you wished to hear, but in truth if you understand this you will know you walk in both male and female bodies and you will love both male and female bodies.  You will love many forms and as your being evolves it will move more into the centre range, having the capacity to love all.  So judge not one better than the other, or one right and one wrong. That is the state of where you be and you need to understand.  Love my child, just love.  Let it find its forms and let it manifest where it needs to be.  Have not the need to limit and hold it in a certain box or category.  Love.