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This is part 2 of the quide’s answer to a recent question about the connection between mental health issues and spirit

How do we listen to our body?

Unfortunately there is too much externalizing.   You do not listen to its pain.  You do not use the modes and methods under which you have all been given to hear what your body says to you.  Oh yes, you do of its “ouch” you pull back. But If you feel a heaviness and an inability to walk,

Be still and ask why is it that I feel this deep exhaustion? Perhaps you have been plaguing your being with unfulfilled wants.  Perhaps there is someone that you are trying to make their life better and they are not doing their work and you need to do your own.

Often times many of these disorders or diseases is the attempt to do someone else’s work for them instead of tending to your own.  You can love and hold and give great honour and respect to another being by letting them do their own work; by helping them to see their own power.

You are in a time where this has never been more important, to be responsible for your own actions; whether it is a disease or an action on your path.  It is all the same. It is all about choices and about balance.  It is about finding your truth.

You are absolutely perfect.  You have everything you need to be in the path you are in. Even though you may fight against technology it is present in your world for a reason. Do not battle against it.  Embrace it.

Why are we so quick to put so many labels on these characteristics too as negative?

Because then you don’t have the responsibility of it.  There, it has a label…that is what it is.  But they will often not know what to do with that label instead of just sitting with the being and hearing them and reflecting back what has been told many times, if they can see themselves often with a person that is kind and loving and they feel complete trust with they will receive greater healing.

And what about the children who exhibit these anxieties?

Well, there can be many reasons for this. Often with children when they are very young and come in with a disease, they have chosen to do this for a greater purpose. Very little time has been put in that is for themselves.  It is much more for either their parents, or even for mankind as a whole.  Their gifts are often huge and they are often evolved beings if they choose to have great difficulties.

Anxieties, well, that often is because of the situation of their world because they are like little sponges.  The spirit is present and it is old, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is young.  But the body is learning how to be in this situation, how to work what works for them.  If they are anxious, it is often because they do not feel safe.

There are so many individual reasons for all of these disorders and diseases as unique as each being is, so will be their learning.  So, there is no blanket label, there is no text that fits all.  Each must find their own truth, in their own way.

Is it wrong that such technology has taken so much time to find out one person’s cure?  No.  That person learned a great deal, but remember “cure” is an interesting word.  There is no cure for learning.

I love that.  It is all about learning.  It makes for a very complicated planet.

Indeed and yet not.  To be, to love, to be in the moment.  This is what the physical world is about.  Bless you all.

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  1. Steph July 14, 2014 at 4:01 pm - Reply

    Hi! Why are there so many people on earth, growing in number every day? Where do all these souls come from? Is earth a popular place to be at? Allthough there seems to be so much negativity in place (polution, economy crisis, poverty, illnesses, fanatism, pressure to have a job and enough income, etc)? Is it all because of the intense learning experience? Why to learn through difficulties rather than love and supporting conditions?

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