Kristine asked for some parenting advice, particularly in regards to disciplining children.

Disciplining children is all about respect.  If you have respect for your child, your child will have respect for you.  If you take the time to see and to listen to them, they will see and listen to you.  Give yourself a moment eyes to eyes, love them from heart to heart.  Look into the child’s face, ask the questions and insist upon the moment to be shared between the two of you. Children are ancient beings sometimes.  They need to be respected and honoured for who they are.  If this doesn’t occur they will be very frustrated and will act out in many ways.  If they are shy and unable to move forward, again, eyes to eyes, heart to heart. Hold their blessed beings close to you.  Even the children that are angry, they need gentle love. There was a belief in your physical world that it was through violence that you had control over a child. No being learns from violence.  Nothing is learned in violence except hurt, fear, and anger.  Is that what you want for your child? No.  You, my blessed mother, sometimes talk too much.  You need to be still, you need to hear, you need to ask the questions. Exclude the world of the acceptance or non-acceptance. Just you and your child, be still, be one with them.  You will have no difficulty if you honour them, they will honour you.