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14d15-jkf-animal-song-bird-f-3115aGrowing Soul – Can the guides throw more light on out of body experiences and what would be the purpose of having one spontaneously?

Dearest one, you live in a country of upheaval where there are very, very impoverished people and very, very wealthy people and the division between the two grow wider and wider.  

Bless you, my child, for seeking out a spiritual path and understanding your process.  For if you take care of your corner of your world, the world will take care of itself.  In other words, it takes many to change a little bit to have an effect on the whole.

Spirit out of body experiences happen.  Well, you can choose for it to happen.  You could put yourself into a deep state of comfort and fly; fly and soar above and visit others.  Its purpose is to see if you could do it, to understand that you go beyond the body.  But there will always be an attachment to your body, the beautiful silver cord that you might think to hold you to your body.  For it is in the body that you are in the place of learning.

It happens spontaneously often when the body is under great duress, through sickness, through fear and through an assault.  Through many instances the he body will often send out its spirit in order to protect it only to return with no memory of that that occurred.  And this is a protective measure and is nothing you ever need to worry about.

But you could be sitting upright in a crowd of many people and soar high above it and see it and then return.  Or, if you are in terrible pain and you wish to leave it you could soar outside of your body and fly to a far and distant place and bring back the love and happiness that it may have been seeking.

Out of body experiences are very natural and protective and should teach you how strong you are; that the power of thoughts can soar, but hold its anchor deep with the body.  It is an attachment place almost at the same place where you have free will.  A survival, it keeps you present in your body but also opens the door to soar.  Never fear it.  It is a wondrous body to be in the physical world and reminding you that you are one with spirit.

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