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MK – I’ve had chronic pain throughout my body for several years.  Through meditation for the last 3 years all the pain is gone except what is in my back. I understood for quite some time the pain in my back was due to financial issues. I was told recently I have a disc problem; it feels at times I am carrying a cement block in my back. I feel it is some sort of emotional issue, but I don’t know what. Is it a disc, emotional issue, past life issue or something else? Please speak on this if you could, thank you so much. Much Love!

Blessed one, you have done beautifully.  You look to all avenues and see what is right for you and you use your whole being as your receiver.  It is not a disc my child, but it is a pressure and distortion in the the muscles and nerves and tightness — and it corresponds with the opening of the heart.  And you do carry the world.

Is it the body creating the pain, or the spirit telling the body to pay attention to what we need, to find love? It is one of those “which came first” things, but it doesn’t matter, it is present and you are hearing and attending to it.

You have been guarded in speaking your truth.  You have this belief that you burden people and yet so many wish to help you.  And often through listening to yourself and speaking of your innermost understanding, you hear it.  And it is only through your hearing it, that you realize you are holding it deep within your being.  No, it is not saying someone is good or bad. It is being willing to love yourself enough to see the whole of you be.  To reach in and hold the hand of a child so burdened.

You see, dearest one, all elements of learning in a life are kept.  It is why we say you never let go of anything, but you learn to love all parts, that is truly being whole, or healing. Healing is used in your physical world as an issue that someone picked up now and then.  If you truly understanding healing, growing, moving forward, it continues and you can heal that that was, and that that will be for it is all fluid, the future, the past, the present.  It is all created in the present.

You think a great deal, blessed one. You carry much and are so willing to help others.  Help yourself by letting others help you right now.  This may come from deep breathing, from different sounds you might make with your vocal chords.  It would really help if you speak of the depths of you to others until you find that tight band that holds you in your burden.  Bless you my child.  May the light and love of this universe support you in your healing.  Namaste.


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