There areUnknown a number of people who say they have experienced being abducted by an alien. And they all draw pictures of a similar being with big wide eyes and a big head and a narrow chin. And there are many who have experienced this. Is it happening? Or is it their imagination?

Part of both. It has happened; it does happen. There are planes that are very evolved and have the ability to cross the membranes between the worlds. Many of those that have actually experienced this have actually dwelt in those other planes like your physical plane.

Oh you mean they had a lifetime on that different planet?

Yes, and so that is a familiar face and so it quickly comes up when their eyes see the energy.

But it’s frightening to them.

Only when they try to make it work within the scheme of what they understand.

You mean here on this planet?

Yes. If you accept that all things are possible in your world, then what is to be afraid of? If a being is so evolved that they could make their way into the domain of your physical world they must be wise. They are not about to… oh, yes, they are elementary in their research, but they do not want to harm.

So what is their purpose? Just investigating who we are?

As you understand your growth and purpose, they do the same. As your planet is now proceeding to reach beyond the physical domain of this planet, so do they. There are many. Be not afraid. The time will come when they will communicate. Be not afraid.