RMW asks about dreams.  She says, “I am very much confused about dreams. When we sleep do we leave the physical body and travel? Are the other people in our dreams created by us or do we actually meet people sometimes? Do we see other lives and dimensions or is it just created for our growth?

I have been studying my dreams for a long time and trying to interpret them but they continue to puzzle me. I have read so many different opinions from people here and they are all so different.  I was hoping you might be able to explain it a little. I am forever grateful for your help and wisdom.”  

Dreams, yes. Well, you are referring to many different things.   Some of which are dreams, the creation of the mind to deal with many thing that have occurred in the day to put it all in place, to put it in an understanding of the mind. Dreams can also allow you to meet someone that has passed on to the dimensions, this usually occurs and it is truth.
This usually takes place at the very beginning of sleep, the twilight time, or just before you awake. In these two stages one is a receiver, very open. And thus you can meet and greet and have great resolution to many things with beings that have been in your life.  In part of the deep sleep that is actually part of your creation, the dream.  The putting together of all of the pieces, each being you manifest in a dream is part of you.  They may have the face and body of someone in your life, but it is the creation of you and how you feel about them and how you feel about yourself in your dream.  I hope that helps somewhat.