Look deeply into the eyes of your child

Shevta – This is concerning my son.  He is getting more sensitive and at the same time more aggressive. He doesn’t listen to me and sometimes uses rude language
I get so embarrassed in front of others.i feel he is getting out of control.  I feel so overwhelmed in trying to explain him.i have tried every method bt can’t get results.i fear my relation with others is getting effected due to his behavior.  Everyone makes me responsible for him.  I want him to grow up into a fine young man but I’m struggling
He loves me a lot and so shouting At him makes my heart bleeds.  I am also uncomfortable in my new avatar.  Plz Plz guide me how best to manage him and install good values in him in a way he also listens and I also don’t get sleepless nights.  He is shy and aggressive both.

Oh my dear one, he is not a computer, you cannot install things.  You cannot manage him.  He is not a creature that this can be done by.  What you are experiencing, blessed one, is he has no respect for you right now, nor do you of him.  You need to begin at the beginning  again to look into each others’ eyes and adore that great love, the bond that brought you two together.   Don’t fall into the trap of judgment or expectations, but simply be.  Honour the fact that each of you chosen to be together this time, you the mother this time, he the child.  You have put others needs before him, my dear, and he feels very much left out and not important in your life. You must change this if you want a different outcome at this time.  Respect is not something that is just given, it is something you must earn, he yours and yours his.  It does not come from a harshness and truly my dearest one, the role of mother, being the mother, your needs at this time when the child is still needing care and protection, it is not that they are second of importance but firstly, it is your child that must feel loved, wanted and important.

If other people can come into your life and be there present and accepting and understanding that, it is quite acceptable.  But if for some reason another being comes into your life and should change the love for your child, or put conditions upon it, you must choose who is the growing one.  Who is in the most delicate place of their evolution, their child. The role of mother is one of the greatest roles in the physical world.  In fact, I might say the greatest.  The role of father is also very important.  This is very important for your child as well.  But you, being the mother, it is that that you must attend to.  Don’t manage it, don’t control.  Love, blessed one.  Look deep into the eyes of your child, heart to heart, be mother.  Give him the mothering you never got. Be the greatest mother you want to be, for you can.  Bless you my child.

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  1. curious1 September 2, 2012 at 6:29 am - Reply

    Dear guides
    Will I have my own home in the next 12 months, and will I need a partner for this to be achieved? You previously said ‘those that love you will join you’ . . Are they close & have we met? I remain hopeful that I will recognise my own spirit connection one day! Many thanks for all of your advice and kind words x

  2. maurice50 September 2, 2012 at 6:56 pm - Reply

    hi friends! i have a very (hawkword) question to ask. I’m not shy to say who i am… i’m a gay man. All my relationship i always met married man. I never understood nothing about that. Now i met a man. very nice, someone i was looking all my life. But he told me … he was married!. I don’t understand nothing about that.!! I know now that , i can’t be attached to someone like that. Probably relationship is not for me! thanks

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