J :

You talk about listening to our bodies when we experience pain or illness; how do we ask our bodies and how can we listen better?


You just say, “Body, what are you talking about?”  If there’s a pain, let’s say in the knees, you say, “Alright my knee, I’m listening.”  You put your mind’s eye into it and ask what is the matter?  Be open and don’t fill every space with words.  Listen to what it says.  It might say “sad” or it might say “don’t feel secure.”  It might say “I just don’t like this place.”  That sort of thing.  And that is what you need to listen to.

Your body is an amazing receiver.  It is the greatest tool in the physical world.  You come into it with everything you need to go through each of your elements of learning, your promises.  There is nothing that it cannot bring forward.  And truly, that is what your guides are helping you do.  They are just helping you remember what you already know.  It is a reminding relationship more than anything else.  And if you feel a jab every now and then, well that is a frustrated guide pushing at you because you are not moving forward.