Light feeds your spirit; food feeds your body

L writes:

What is the origin of meat eating creatures? I realize that there are lessons to be found in the predator vs prey dynamic, but there is pain here. Pain is not always bad, but there is the ending of life. Will creatures evolve from eating meat to eating plants to maybe only living on liquid light? Because I know in my heart that if there were no food to be found that I could live on liquid light. And, guides, if it is true that creatures can evolve to not eat meat, to not need to take life, how do I speak to others of this and help them to believe it can be so? For it does not seem logical. Thank you so much. Love and light to you.


The guide’s response:

She wants oneness with her world, to all to feel at peace with all of this, to not take from the growth of others. And so, what of this condition of eating one animal so another may survive?  In the physical domain there are many that choose to subside, to sustain, you might call it a food chain. In truth, it is simply a state of evolution, of growing; one needing the energy of another to proceed. It does not mean that their spirits are lost.  They grow, they evolve, each to their own domain, all eventually coming to the oneness of being.

The human form evolved being carnivorous.  First, carnivorous then it branched off to those that could be herbivores and they ate of the plants.  And there are many that can just live and these are all rooted in the same bloodline from that original cellular matter.  We can get very technical if you wish as to whether it is right or wrong, but it must be fitting to where you be in your evolutionary process.  If your vibrations is of the state where you no longer need to eat of another animal, so be it.  You will know if the conditions in your body are harmonious, or not.  Do not sit in judgement of those that need to, but accept that they follow their footsteps.

Will a time come when only light is consumed by the body?  Spirit is sent by light, it always has been.  The body of flesh, the cellular matter, will always need to have the balance of energy from the cellular matter in the physical dimension.  In other words, the love that feeds your spirit is formed when the physical body is a cellular matter of love, it will need to have the transfusion of heavier molecules of vibration in the physical form.  Food will always be needed, dearest.  When you break from your physical body, when you transform back to spirit with the heightened vibration of your learning, you will understand that light feeds your spirit.  Food feeds your body.  Water, carbon, hydrogen is what makes up your body and it needs to have an exchange and an ever renewing cellular matter.

Dearest one of nature, of light and love, you are often frustrated by your physical world.  Remember, you came.  You see it clearly, examine it, question it and continue as you do.  And know that you are loved for your questions, for your inquisitive nature.  Bless you my child.  I love your questions.

I forgot to answer this, if an animal has pain.  Yes, it is truth. Those that do eat of the flesh should consider how it is treated in its life and in its path. This is important.  The more evolved you are the more you will taste this.  Ancient ones believed if they drank the blood of others they would gain their strength. It is true, you do.  Not by the spirit but by that of the body.  So it is important to treat these animals with great respect.   All matter of beings should be treated with great respect.  They all have a purpose and all must be given light and love.

When we consume meat and if we give a blessing and thanks to the animal, does that connect with the energy of the animal even though it is no longer in physical form?

Of course, yes.  Whether they be alive or dead, when you give thanks to them it connects with them.  As in all beings, whether you are alive or transformed.  You are all one.  You are all fed by one eternal mother.  You are part of that being. It feels separated and fractured when you dwell in your learning states, your body.  But this is one umbilical cord that is never…. This is why the ancient ones, cutting the umbilicus, is an important step in life.  And those that have honored the umbilical cord understood the eternal mother, God.


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  1. L December 23, 2011 at 8:09 pm - Reply

    thank you.

  2. L December 31, 2011 at 7:24 pm - Reply

    I wanted to say thank you again, and ask another question that you guides might enjoy because it is unusual and I think many people can actually relate to it. I wanted to know, what is the cause of “sad nipple syndrome”? It is this phenomena that takes place when the breasts, especially the nipple, is touched and a very deep feeling of sadness washes over you. For me, it is a very bittersweet feeling, like deep grief mixed with a wistful sort of happiness, but it also makes me feel very hollow, as if I could just lay down and die. I know that is melodramatic sounding. Sometimes as a child I would feel it randomly without having the breasts stimulated. It would just come over me. I think other people experience this. What is it? Thank you and Happy 2012.

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