Let your frustration with your body dissolve into love of it

imagesWe have a question from a man who has fractured his hip. He says: I feel like I am doing all I can to stimulate healing in my fracture and avoid hip replacement. I have a high protein diet with supplements, take Chinese herbs and get acupuncture and have enough movement and physio daily to have circulation in the area.  However a recent scan showed large areas of non union still.  Any ideas of what else I can do?  

Dearest one, it is healing—and so are you. You are loving your being, allowing time, being patient. Why do you think you are so frustrated with your body? Allow that to dissolve into love of it. Put your warm hands upon your hip, massage with your own being, with your own light.

I know these scans and machines tell a story—but not the whole story. You are not healing as quickly as… who? Who do you judge yourself by? You are you? You heal at your own rate. Do you think surgery would heal faster? There would still be a need for the bones to knit. Your fear of that is great. Let go of that. You don’t need to do anything you don’t want to do.

Stretch and bend and sway. Immerse yourself in the waters. Make sure you have magnesium in the waters. It’s very good at cleansing and drawing out any negativity, whether it be a toxin or a thought.

Laugh and giggle. Laugh from your hips. You are healing, my dear. You are nourishing your body. Stop being frustrated. Stop being angry with the slowness of it. Stop being responsible for everyone you meet. And just love yourself. You are a beautiful being.  You will dance, do not worry.

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