Let go and trust that there will be something there to catch you.


I am tired all of the time.  What is it? Is it the food I eat, is it where I live, is it my job?  What is it and how can I get better to my energy level that will sustain me?

Alright my dear. Now, let us examine this tired.  Your thoughts are even tiring you.   You don’t even have exciting thoughts, you are not planning anything that is fun. You are feeling you are completely out of whack and I will tell you that you are.

Your hormonal balance is completely out of whack. In order to get that in tune you really must listen to your time clock within you. You must rise with the sun and go to bed with the sun. If it is cold outside then you must feel warm inside. You must get all things balanced so all parts are listening to the environment you are in.

You need very much to stop limiting the intake of food. That is a crazy idea.  I don’t know why beings do these silly things when food is the essence and wonder of life.  Those cells need all sorts of wonderful nourishment.  You should have warm broths, things that take a little while to cook perhaps, but have all of the nutrients and easily digestable.  Right now, your small intestine is not absorbing the food it needs to; it is not taking it into your body.

Of course you feel depleted. Of course you are feeling that you don’t even have the oxygen to carry to your brain to even think right.  You are not dying though, dear, everything will be fine.  But you need some time to nourish your being, nurture it, quit work, stay at home, put your feet up.  You are looking for permission to heal yourself.  I am giving it to you, my blessed one. You have my complete permission.  You just tell them Mother Superior said definitely you must take time.

So, are you suggesting I take a sick leave?

Oh, heck, no, leave it completely (gentle laughter).

So, how will I survive financially?

Yes, there is that element in your physical world. There are lots of things that you can do that would be fun.  You know you are burned out.  You know you don’t want to do it anymore. It served a purpose, but that purpose now is done and so leave it.

It pays my rent.

Oh, yes, that small thing isn’t it?  Well, perhaps you should think about something that would be much more happy to do. There are all sorts of things that you are very good at that you could probably bring in the rent money.  Sometimes it is good to let go and trust that there will be something there to catch you.  You won’t hit the floor, dear.

The building in which I live has gone under major renovations, the most recent is new windows.  I feel like it may be causing something with my health.  May I validate this with you or is this the case?  If there is something wrong with that apartment, should I move?

You don’t like that apartment anyways, do you?

It is a million dollar view of the ocean in Vancouver.

I know.  But you didn’t really ever choose it for the apartment, it was the view.  But what does a view really mean for you, my dear?  An escape, soaring, being released from your mundane things.   There is part of you, that is what this healing is about, that needs very much a change.

You can go to the top of a mountain and see out and have the same view.  But there is something inside of you that wants to get out, to breathe. You are tired and you have been struggling for a long time. You are tired and you are looking for permission to have some time out, some joy, some laughter, some good feelings.  So, your body has created a way in which you will pay attention to it.  It happens the windows are changed.  Maybe you should leave this place.

Every thought you have is something right now that you need to really examine, for you are looking for ways out.  Be sure it is just out of work and out of an apartment and not out. You are that sad, my dear. You need to really to look at it.  Your body is a wonderful tool. It helps you learn what you have come to learn.  It manifests what you have told it to help you.

Now, I am not saying this to frighten and to be full of fear.  Take some time to think about what your body is telling you.  Bless you my child and don’t be afraid.  There is a great deal of love and light and laughter for you.  Everyone loves to be around you because you are full of fun, but they don’t know how sad you are.  I love you my dear and you are not alone.  You could share some of these things with someone close.

I’ve started to.

Good, very good.  One step at a time.  Heavens, I don’t mean go home and pack your bags and leave as you actually don’t have the energy.  I want you to take your time with this.

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