It’s Me – Hey Guides, I have a quick question. I just wanted to know what happened to my documents. I had put them in an envelope and it has sensitive information like my social security. I have been looking for my documents everywhere since we moved and I suspect my mom took my documents. It can’t be anywhere else but my house. If anyone took them, it would most likely be her. She does strange things like this and is very secretive about things. I don’t trust her sometimes. Does she have them? Things have gone missing from my room. Especially my clothes. Help please. Thanks for your help.

Dearest one, in time you will understand this better, but your mother fears and worries a great deal about you. And, it is true, some of the tasks that she has taken upon herself have felt like an intrusion upon you.  But be wise, little one, be wise that this one worries and doesn’t truly know how to mother you very well, for you are a wise being and often  times feel that you are more the parent than she.  But do not fight her at this time.  You will find that if you find a bond between the two of you to talk about many things, that she will feel at ease and more comfortable with your wisdom and grow in trust that you will make wise choices for yourself.

Do not worry about your documents, you have lots of time to create more.  Blessed one, learn the path of light and love with your mother. Understand that she doesn’t know exactly how to be a mother with you, but she wants to for she does love you very much but she’s had difficulty conveying it.  You see, my dear, she had difficulty when she was a child.  Be the wise one and see the love that is there and grow strong in it.