Laugh … and you shall find happiness

IMG_9049BJ  writes:

I’m hoping that you can shed some light on this void I’m presently living in. it seems that I know what I need to do but somehow the motivation isn’t forthcoming. I retired a year ago from a very satisfying career as a preschool teacher. I am passionate about working with children and miss the connection with these little beings. I felt the need to retire due to physical stress and the energy it took to do the job. My immediate family live a fair distance away and they have indicated that perhaps I should move closer to where they are. I think they feel that I need a change in my life. I would be closer to my granddaughters which would be a plus in fulfilling my wish to be with children.

In making this move, I would be going back to a place I left because I no longer felt happy there. I don’t want to leave the West Coast. I keep hoping that there could be a move for them to be closer to me. I have been told that there is a move for me.

My question is twofold, do you see a move for anywhere and where should I be expending my energy?

The guide responds:

Firstly, embrace the fact that you are truly missing the children, and even the politics and the strife and the struggle and the connection with people. Embrace that. Do not want to erase it or move quickly or jump from one stone in the river to another. Just embrace it, and then think about what it is you would like to do.

Of course you could move back to your family and you could move back to all their pain and all their opinions and their wonderful views about how you should live your life…

Or… you could take a belly dancing class.

There are things that you have never done that you need to do. There are things that you need to do to experience joy and love. You are so good with children because you have a great love of fun. It’s time for this.  It’s been time for a long time.

And if they move close, so be it. I know, you just need someone to talk to sometimes, to say: I’m having a miserable time right now.  Just say it. And then move on.

There are some things in your diet that are actually causing you to have a little bit of melancholy. Look into that. You fuss too much. Laugh, my child, and you shall find happiness.

Click here to see the guide answering BJ’s question.

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