Pat says she has been looking for a job for a while with no luck. She says, “Yes, I know the economy stinks, but I think my career path has deeper karmic issues. Can you help me uncover what it is holding me back in my professional life?”

Dear one, you have difficulty radiating your own wealth of abilities and goodness. You are somewhat hesitant in speaking all of your abilities to do things. It is an amazing mix you are, a wonderful being. You will find what you need to do. But you are going to have to speak more about how you can be.

You have been surrounded by many that are in a sort of one-up-manship. Each being wants to shine greater than you. Don’t take part in that. That is not what I speak of. Simply be still and when the moment is right, say that you can do it, that you will, you shall; that you are an amazing being. Perhaps you won’t use those words.

It is hard for people to speak of their own talents, or abilities.

It is an ancient, old way that causes this problem. There is nothing wrong with saying that you can. It builds trust and confidence and it teaches others to do so as well. Your old religions, though I am not saying they are negative, they often teach that you have to be humble. They even teach that you cannot talk to God, yet God is within you. It is hard because of old patterns of thinking. But in truth, those old patterns of thinking don’t fit in your society anymore.

So for Pat, how can she feel more confident about speaking of what she can do?

By using all of the tools at her fingertips: her radiance, her style, her smile, her confidence. To step forward taller, to walk upright, head up and chin out, to present that brilliant light and it shall be.

And the economy doesn’t stink; what is occurring now in your physical world is necessary, almost as your garden is needing weeding.

Some people refer to it as an adjustment.

A shift.

Yes, I see it as that. Was there too much focus on the money and the material?

There was too much based without roots. There was too much talk without substance. There will always be money now because beings find they like to have this. It gives them a sense of confidence. It does not have a truth or substance anymore as it did one time in society.

How do you mean?

Money doesn’t have the same worth that it did. You have so much of it, it means less and less.

So it is not valued as much, or respected?

Yes. Large numbers of very new and very old souls have caused this imbalance. An old soul would not see money as having a great worth other then to create good to help others. To build things that are strong structures. Very new souls want, well…


Yes, they want to dance, but not in true rejoicing, rather in a fevered dance, a hurried approach, to attain everything as quickly as possible. Love them and be patient. Your economy is doing very well where this one (Pat) dwells.

Thank you for your words. I’ll pass them on to Pat.