Anni writes:

I have a question about my own insecurities to reach for the things I know I can do but fear doing. What is holding me back to take the next step, and should I concentrate doing my own business?

The guide’s response:

Oh dearest one, you have questions.  But first I want to ask you:  Why do you not believe in yourself?  I want to ask you: Why do you feel you must be constantly proving yourself?   Are you the one who doesn’t know, the cute one who chatters about, that no one believes?  Is that who you are? Or are you the sophisticated, highly intelligent being who you truly be?

You have grown up in a time where many put you in a category where they want you to stay.  It no longer fits you.  It’s like shoes that are too tight.  Now, it is time to take them off.  It is time to release yourself from that expected being that you are not any longer.  Although, it’s true from time to time you played that role for the ones you love so they will not be upset.  It is time now to be who you are. That is why you fear shining too bright; you have heard how they have judged others.  It does not matter what they think.  It is time to be who you are.  Bless you my child.