Is time speeding up now?


If yes, can you please explain what is happening as so many people are sharing that time is flying by so fast, even the young people! Thank you for your insight.

No, time is not speeding up although the physical time that you understand does draw closer together.  But I don’t need to go into the scientific fact of what occurs and the amount of time and time travel and that sort of thing.  What you are talking to is about the fact that there are so many things now.

It used to be in other lifetimes when you arose in the morning you would take at least a couple of hours to gather your food, your milk and maybe make a bit of butter, and then maybe you would make some oatmeal and then you would feed the babe or two.  And then perhaps it is about noon time and time to go out and dig some potatoes or do a bit of garden work and get rid of some of the bugs that were eating things.  Then you would come back in and then make some porridge for the evening meal.  You didn’t have three meals a day.  You didn’t have telephones to talk to each other.  Sometimes you’d light a great fire if you needed to get the one woman from a farm a long way’s away to see if she wanted you to help her with her babe.

Life was much more spaced apart.  And so now you’ve got it all crowded in together and you have those machines where you can instantly talk to one another, but you are still wondering if the woman still needs you for that babe.  So, it is all this other trouble that gets in the way from one thing to the next.

And you all know you could at least drop a meal or two and still survive quite beautifully.  So, you are cramming too much into your lifetimes; things that really aren’t that great on your growth.  In fact, they can wear quite heavily upon the body.

So, yes and no.  Time is going faster because you have more things to get around to get to the point to where you need to be.  And no, your world is just the same and your growth is just as important.  There are just more lumps in the road.

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  1. BJ October 8, 2013 at 1:01 pm - Reply

    Dear Guides,

    I am of the belief that people come into our lives for a reason and I have one such soul who I believe is meant to be in my life. We are attracted to each other and there is a beautiful connection between us that is mutual. We have both experienced hardships and been hurt emotionally in past relationships and while I have been able to forgive those who have caused me emotional pain in the past, he has not and is very much jaded. My sense is that it is a fear of being hurt again that keeps him from becoming emotionally involved. While he struggles with fear of commitment, I struggle with trust as a result of having been betrayed by those who professed to love me. It would seem to me that the universe has brought us together, is the lesson then that he is to help me gain trust in relationships and am I to help him open his heart to love once again?

    Can having this just as a friendship perhaps ease this fear and eventually melt those iron bars he has set up around him? I have a great love for this man; he is a gentle soul and deserves to feel love. And if it is not to be, why then am I holding on so strongly to my intuitive feeling that we are meant to be together? Can this be or is it just an illusion? Am I on a path of no growth by expending so much energy on this? Will this void end soon?

    Thank you for your enlightenment

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