Information for a woman in a “healing crisis”

Angie is looking for information regarding the health of her mother, Karen, who just spent one month in the hospital. Most of that time the doctors were unsure what was going on. They found a virus (main symptoms extreme fatigue and prolonged fever) as well as a cyst on her kidney (cause unknown) that had previous infection around it. Angie asks, “Is this a ‘healing crisis’? Is there something she should be doing or taking now to encourage her health? If possible, they are we hoping to learn the cause of this dis-ease as well as any possible remedies.”

There is a very strong bond between these beings, very nurturing, loving, supporting. And both have great promises to do in the physical world. It is true, the being (mother) needs to move forward to make changes to heal her body. She has known for some time that she was uncomfortable with things, but always placed it in another being.

Now that her body has manifested this, it speaks that it needs to have rest. When the immune system chooses this path (oh, it may sound like this is a separate part of you and I do not wish for you to believe this)…. The systems set up in the physical body are reactive and they react to the spirit’s needs. The spirit now needs to take action to move into a time of high energy. The body fears that it is not yet ready to do this because of all things that are still ahead.

It is a time of crisis healing, yes. Not just the body, but pulling together all that is learned, the maturation of the soul it is often called. The vibration shifts in every cell in the body.

I am not surprised that physically she feels drained, but her mind is amazing, magnificent. It is connecting to the spirit now. Speak to her that she needs to have time, time to walk the passages of her path in all of its wonder. Tell her that each part was great growth. Now she is bringing it all together, as if putting it all into a wonderful book that is her. Tell her to honour it, to not negate any part of it, but to rejoice and celebrate it. It is a time of celebration. No, not of wild dancing, but a true loving, adoration, admiration, loving of her being.

The cyst that was formed has many reasons. Many reasons. She knows of all of them. This is not a surprise to her. She has been looking outside of herself for permission for a long time, to be. She is now in the process of giving herself permission to be.

There is no one judging you, my dearest one. Be in the light; be well. Through this passage you will understand your great grace. In many ways you had to learn things first hand, to be in pain, to understand pain. To be in loss, to understand loss. To be in weakness to understand its great strength. Know you are loved my dear. And to your daughter who adores you so, love as well.

Bless you both.

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