Another excerpt from our April 2nd evening with the spirit guides.

AJ asks:   How do you distinguish between newer souls and ancient ones?

The professor answers:

Well, you shouldn’t.  You really shouldn’t.  It could become….  There is a fear that if we speak too much about the ancient ones and the new ones that we’ll form our own new class of bigotry.  So, instead just think that they vibrate at that rate and you vibrate at this rate.  And you will know it when you’re with somebody and you just have everything to talk about, and you’re instantly comfortable.  Or if you with someone and you feel like:  what planet did I just arrive from? This person is not speaking in any language that I understand.   Then that perhaps is not the same vibration as you. But that doesn’t mean you should say they are greater than or less than.  It just means maybe you’re not going to have lunch with them.

You have to choose for yourself, be responsible for yourself, for your path, to take care of all those wonderful things on your path.  And trust that if you live a life of your own truth that it will shine brightly and you will teach the others.  Do you not understand that living it is being the greatest teacher?

Ah, you came from a time when….  Well.  You know, a religion is created to control.  And it worked really great for a while.  And then all those middle aged souls who were kind of buying it started to say:  I don’t think so any more.  I don’t think you have as good a connection with God as I do, and they started drifting away from them.

But they taught some pretty good things, and they meant well.  But now they’re starting to get ugly.  And you’re going to see it getting more and more so.  And they may be mostly all new souls but it doesn’t mean you hate them.  It means you love them.  There are many things that are quite backwards in the physical world.  Convoluted, inside out.  Take a moment, have a good look at this.  Ask yourself:  What feels right inside of me to do?