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Gina writes, “My question is about my cat Tiger.  When he breathes it sounds like his throat or nose is stopped up.  This began over a year ago when he received the bordetella vaccine.  I have tried the treatment from the vet and some herbal remedies and vitamin c.  He still has it.  Please tell me what I need to do to rid him of this. Also for my cat Brownie, do I need to have 1 or more of his remaining teeth removed.  If so, would the vet in Birmingham, AL be a good one to do it? Thank you.

These creatures all have much more sophisticated lives now than when I was present.  I am not dismissing her concerns.  In fact, the breathing problem is a heart problem in this one.  And that a joyful, happy life with her is the most important thing, of course.  Don’t worry about this being and all of these other things.  This little creature is there with her and very happy to be so.   As to teeth removal, well, that is a terribly personal thing for her to decide.   Make sure that the stay is as quick as possible for it is most important that the little creature be with her and for her sake to.  She is a lovely being.

She is also asking if she will see through her third eye as she has been practicing.

Yes, my dear.  Don’t think of it as a third eyeball.  It is a wisdom you already communicate with these creatures you love.  It is of the same energy.

And she asks one more thing.  She says, “My brother was particularly cruel to me.  He has hurt me in the past before physically and emotionally.  I don’t know if I can ever speak to him again unless I desperately need something and he is the only person I can think of who may help me.  Do I need to just write him off?

This one does not write off anybody.  This one is very loving, gentle being and one word of kindness would completely allow her to forgive him for all of the things.  Tell her she must be responsible for her own path.  If he is bringing sadness then she must remove herself for this time.  Allow him his growth and his time.  Tell her to surround him in white light so he will be healed by his deep, deep fear and in judgments and perhaps in time they can have a wonderful relationship.  Action will help her. Tell her to give her dear little creatures healing as well for she is very good at it.

Thank you.  I’ll pass these words on to her.

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