In order to help: listen, see, and do not judge

Andrea writes:

Please talk to me about my sister. How can I really help her?

The guide’s response:

Well, dearest one, firstly I will tell you that in a previous existence you were a mother to that one. That is why you have always felt a need to guide and love.  But know that you can only be truly responsible for your own path.  So, in order to help your sister, listen, see, do not judge.  If your sister speaks of needs, speak a need back. Not of yours but of hers, as if to be the mirror you hold up as you see her, with no judgement, no expectations.  Just be present.

Always keep all forms of communication open.  It doesn’t mean that you must accept that behaviour that you find so frightening.  It means you love and are willing to stand with her in pure love. This is the greatest gift you can give your sister.  Let her be.  Let her spin far and wide but if you hold the space of love she will always return.


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  1. Funtastick January 30, 2012 at 9:51 am - Reply

    Happy New Year guides and helpers! FYI- This is Funtastic, but I could not get a password reset so this is my name now.

    My cat Brownie. Doctor says he has kidney insufficiency. I suffered greatly with my other cat who passed from this. I cry when I think of losing him and having to go through that circumstance again. Is there a way to cure his kidney problem or at least keep it from progressing? What is the best way for me to help him? Different food? Vitamins? Distilled water? I love him so much, and I want him to be content and no suffering or feeling bad. How will I know when is the right time to release him? This hurts. Please help me with this.

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