I love the circle energy


My goodness, it’s more than a week since our last gathering. The September get-together at Goward House was to discuss the idea of, and the belief in, past lives. I loved the conversations we had. As has been the experience from our previous evenings, that night had its own magical energy. This past week I have heard myself saying this same thing about each of our evenings, yet none of them have been the same. I have come to realize that every moment is unique, just as every “being” is unique and amazing.


At these events, everyone seems to be more comfortable talking about their experiences. I love the circle energy. It provides a place out of time to be heard and seen, and an opportunity to feel unconditional love. There are many factors at play here… we may think we have come to talk about or learn about past lives, but we end up realizing something totally different about ourselves. That is the magic of our growth. No more blanket statements.


I am looking forward to our next get-together on October 29th, 2015. The topic will be What goes bump in the night?… we’ll discuss ghosts and our fear of them.

See you soon.




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