How to help inflammation in the arm


BL writes:

I am wondering why I have recently had what the doctor has termed bursitis and tendonitis in my arm. It is so incredibly painful. Can you advise how to rid my body of this and is it possibly due to stress? I eat healthy, I excercise and meditate. I try and do all the right things and am perturbed that I have this. I am in the throes of buying a house with my partner and am wondering if there are blocks from this? Please help and thank you.

The guide’s response:

Inflammation like this, dearest, has many roots.  You hold a great deal of tension in your body across your shoulders, across your heart.   You worry many times that you are doing the right thing and always want to be so perfect. Oh, I am not surprised you are creating inflammation.  You create a tightness sometimes and an inability to take a deep breath from all of this.

When this inflammation is present, what you call bursitis, you must find a complete rest. You can cool it or heat it but mostly do not irritate it.  And listen to what it speaks to you, that you are trying to do far too much, all at once.  That has mostly been your way of proceeding, to take on the whole instead of just chipping away at it little by little.  Never mind, it is how you do it and you are doing it very well.

So, if your body wants a little attention, give it. Take time and take rest.  And do not worry of it; you are not doing anything wrong.  You are just being very cautious.  Perhaps laughter would be the best prescription at this time.

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