How is it fair that a young man should have a terminal disease

Serindipity asks question about why? She says, “I am 51 years old and if I was struck with cancer or a terminal disease I think that I would be able to say that I have LIVED and experienced life.  I have a friend who’s brother is just 18 years old and his name is Cody. He was struck with a brain tumor just behind the eye when he was 10.  He lost his vision in the eye but after over 73 sessions of chemo over 3 years the tumor was put into remission.   5 years later this form of cancer has returned and has returned in a very aggressive manner.  There are only 8 cases of this particular cancer in North America so basically the doctors do not know what to do.  My question is how is fair that a young man who has not experienced basically anything, nor has he even had a chance to screw things up or make things work, accomplish things, see the world or have experiences that only happen with each year of life, how is it fair that Cody should be given this horror story at such a young young age.  I really don’t understand.

I feel that he will make it through this though as he is happy and very thrilled to be going to his graduation this year.  How wonderful is that?  I just wish that I could whip up a magic potion for him to make things all better.  If the guides can help this young man then please do as it just doesn’t seem right that the guides or the higher spirits would want this to happen.  Please help this young man to survive.  It is really important to me right now to believe and I think that I need a miracle to happen even if that sounds selfish.  Show me the power please.

You ask if life is fair.   Is the dwelling in the physical domain fair?  In order for there to be fair there would have to be judgment.  There would have to be a great plan that this is how it should be and this isn’t how it should  be.   Dearest one, each being has a path unfolds as they need and choose it, as they grow and evolve.  No doubt you know how wise and amazing this young man is and how ancient his spirit is.  He knows well what he is doing.  Of course, he will question within the conscious centre of his systems, why?  You  will also hear the answers for him.  Use it and judge your path.  At 51 you believe you have done it all and yet you haven’t.   You have forgotten how when you were younger you felt so much more alive than you do now.

It is not age my child; it is about what you have done and the choices you have made.  The length is not important, the intensity, yes.  I speak vibrationally, of course.  This young being has grown an amazing amount.  Is his path finished?  It is not for you to decide and not for myself.  He will decide when he is ready.  He may choose to go on longer.   Speak to him of his life, of his love, of his passions, of his choices.  He is surrounded by many that fear.  Tell him not to fear.  Tell them to live life as beautifully as they can in each second.  For it is that, the opportunity of growth.  Clutch not to that that was.  Have open arms for that which is, that which can be.  You, my child, have questioned everything on your path.  And yet you feared so many parts of it.  You have amazing talent but you are now thinking you never really put your life into it.  Let go of the limits of your being and be that that you are.

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  1. Helen June 22, 2010 at 10:50 am - Reply

    What do I need to do to become financially independent, and get a home for me and my son. Should I look for another job or in the current climate stay where I am although I do not enjoy it. The hours and money suit but I feel like a failure for not standing on my own 2 feet. Life has been joyless for so many years and I find it hard to break out of this circle. I do appreciate that I am lucky in so many ways with a good family & health etc. Any advice would be great. Helen

  2. willow June 22, 2010 at 5:15 pm - Reply

    I seem to be interested in men who are good liars or maybe not liars but who seem to really enjoy women a little too much. Why do I attract them? I meet some decent ones but so far do not have any chemistry with them. I don’t get it. I don’t understand why my path is leading me to so many with little integrity and why do I want to belive in them? Please help me break this pattern. The one I call S.S. what is the truth behind his behaviour toward me, am I simply a game? Thank you. Willow.

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