Homelessness and evolved souls

Krista writes, “Why is homelessness and addiction getting worse in our society? If we are one, then those that suffer are part of the oneness, but why do so many discriminate about homeless people? Why are people so unable to recognize the deep pain that causes the life situations of street people? Are the homeless providing a mirror of the pain that exists in this society that is plagued with addictions of all kinds, that people don’t want to look into? Why are we all so terrified of confronting our pain?

And can I have your permission to use your answer in a film I am now finishing about healing homelessness?”

Greetings.  Oh my dearest one, you live in a time of great growth. You will see the utmost in each part of growth.  You will see the very, very rich, the very, very poor, and the very ill, always when there is great growth there is great chaos happening in the physical world.  You seek to find an answer for these that feel they have no voice.  Their voice is being heard.

There are many reasons why they find themselves in these positions. There is not one blanket statement for any.  As if one who finds themselves in great wealth, sometimes they came to it through life’s opportunity; but one is seen as so perfect and the other is seen as so negative.  And why do we judge–for there should not be judgment.  There should be acceptance of all.

Society, as an organism, functions very well at times and is very ill at times.  Your society is ill at this time.  That is why there are so many in toxic states, but not all. Some choose to find their growth there.  Some of the most creative beings only feel comfortable in a state of such, well, to them they seek without any expectations.  And others feel so burdened by it that they feel paralyzed.  There is no one answer for any, my dear, for each individual is unique in wonder.

You ask why your society fears this.  All beings fear that that they cannot control.  They feel that maybe by the wrong step, or choices, that could be them.  So they must not even see it or think about it and so they shun it. As if by putting it in another place they do not see it.   Society must embrace their illness in order to heal it.

You have come to live in a most difficult and wondrous time. Many of these beings that you are seeking to hear and to see and to have your society see are the wisest of the wise, the most ancient, the most evolved beings.  But, because they choose to not conform to the society’s expectations, they are shunned when they need to be embraced.

Why do beings use drugs?  Why is there so much denial of feelings in your physical world right now?  It is  time when there is so much talk and so much truly emotional attachment whether it be through work, or physical.  To numb the choices, to numb the growth, to numb the brain that knows the truth.  All of these beings that make these choices know their truth, but they don’t and can’t be in it right now, so they choose whatever manner to escape.  They want out.  So this drug taking is seeking to find a way out.

Love them.  See those wise faces. Touch those untouched hands.  Every society in the physical learning ground has had their untouchables.  Why? It is part of the growth.  You need to know it to be whole. A lifetime of this experience is necessary to be this spiritual whole being.  Why would you choose it at the end of your evolution?

Forgive me, it is not easy to be very evolved in your physical world.  For it is often the most difficult lifetimes you choose are the ones that are the completion of the whole of this physical learning.  The last one to understand the evolution of the being from the very new soul to the very evolved.  To know that each part of the human condition must be experienced in order to be whole. But these are all part of the wise faces, knowing all.  Understand that even knowing all of this, each individual is important.  In that moment, be present with whomever you are with.  They should be important, as important as you must hold yourself.  Teach them to love themselves and they will choose what they need.

Dear one, you walk a walk that is very difficult.  You need to understand the pain for your being has been filled with pain for this entire lifetime.  You have seen what you might call the under belly of the world because you have chosen to see it.   You do not turn away from the pain and are seeking ways of expressing it–and and through your art, you can.

So, some of the homeless are learning and also teachers?

Yes, of course.  We all can find teachers amongst us.  We all must be learning.

It appears to be chaotic in our world today.

I would like to say to you that it could all be banished and all be helpful and healed, but there will always be a certain area or availability to grow to understand this part of life.  It is not a pious way of sensing one as better than the other.  It does not mean that you do not step forward to help in any way.  It means, why must they live in a home if they choose to live where they live?  If they want a home they shall find it.  See them not as weak and unable to make a choice.  See them as radiant, beautiful beings with their own ability to choose their own growth.  So love them, feed them and see them.

Thank you.

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