P1020613Lorraine writes:   

Hi Guides, thank you so much . My oldest son has moved out perfectly happy and ready, this leaves me and my youngest son who has just been working on graduating grade 12. We were going to move and our rent was lowered a bit so we might stay. My youngest son now needs a job to pay rent and is having a hard time with anxiety.  

I have also decided to open up a small business in the room where my oldest son moved out of to work on earning extra . I am asking for advice in this financial squeeze …. or blossoming …. any advice? Thank you.  

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, there are many changes going to happen. Be flexible. Listen. Do not make choices or statements that cover all the beings in your life, for there are three entities here that all have different needs.

You are the mother. It is important for that role, which you chose and have done very well at…. It is important that you hold it dear and that you continue to be strong, supportive and loving with these children. The youngest one has some secret pain. Hopefully he will speak to you about it, but if not, try to speak to him about it. His fears are very exaggerated but they are real to him. And your oldest one is having difficulty too.

Your life’s path has been very complicated; it has not been easy. And I speak this not to make things more complicated, but do not rush forward for the sake of money. Though I know money is an important element in the physical world, but truly I think you would say that your children are more important. There are many ways that you can create money, but there are only a very few ways that you can create the strength and the deep love to heal your children.

Do not pass by quickly on these steps. Do not assume that because the older one has left that it is complete. Take your time my dear. Take your time. See them; hear them. Do not make choices for them so quickly. Be patient.

And if your rent has been reduced I would say that it is probably wise to stay where you are for the moment. Bless you, my child.

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