Hit the refresh button and love yourself

Happy New Year!

We seem to love to mark time, here in this physical domain. A new start, a new beginning. In truth it has nothing to do with the physical world. It is in our own perception that it exists. It is my guess that it’s our never ending desire to control our world that we do this.

As I am putting away my Christmas decorations, I am conversing with my guide about how I always keep one ornament or card out. I do this to keep Christmas with me all year. I usually put it on the window over the sink. Every time I see it, I connect with the love and magic of Christmas. I am sure many people would see this and think that I never cleaned up.

We are very good at cleaning up. Putting away all of the bangles and tinsel… all of the emotions and feelings… all of the happiness and sadness. We, as humans, like to allow a little time to feel or rejoice and then be sure to put it all away. My goodness, don’t feel too much or laugh too long or heaven forbid cry too long. It seems that in these times, that we mark time with celebration, we bring forward all of our losses, our loves, our hurts, our joys… put it all on the tree or on the table and then put it all away for another year.

Now this “New Year“… be full of energy… be a better person… make-up with anyone you fought with… clean the house… exercise… lose weight… get a new job… rules, expectations. It’s the constant battle between our hearts and our minds.

As I continued to clean up, I realized I was irritated with something. My guide said, “It begins at home.” My guide often will give me just one word, or phrase, leaving it up to me to do the work of figuring it out. Finally in my exhaustion I asked, “What begins at home?” His answer, “The marking of time. The making of any special day. It’s very much like a refresh button. Your ‘Being’ wants a fresh start. There is a constant state of friction between your mind and your heart. It’s time to listen to your mind and your heart. Are they in harmony or is there a disagreement happening. Are you sad, but you don’t want anyone to know? Are you telling yourself, in your self-talk, that you are tired, fed up, or sick of it? Do you go over old exchanges with renewed anger? This inner voice needs to be given some attention. You don’t want to weigh down your beautiful heart with such words and feelings. For every time your mind goes over a negative exchange, every cell in that beautiful body feels it’s happening in the present again. You have just as many beautiful thoughts. Time to tidy your inner speech. It is true you, the ‘you’ I am speaking to, the spirit, the ‘mother energy’ are the creator of this body. You created it. Your heart, your brain, and all of the thoughts that run through it. You can create a home of love within… a perfect place for ‘you’ to grow. Before you start a resolution with rules and expectations ask ‘your Being’ what it truly needs…”

Hit the refresh button and love yourself.




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