Helping a child who lives in turmoil

EM writes:

I would like to ask about my boyfriend’s daughter.  Her parents are not getting along very well, and I am concerned that she is feeling the effects of the negativity between her parents.  What does she need right now?  Is there anything I can do or say to help her?

Thank you so much for this blog and for your wonderful guidance.  Much love and gratitude, Em.

The guide’s response:

Oh blessed wise one, yes, you do see the truth.  And in your wonderful, gentle way you can find a way to speak to her.  I know at first you did not want to see this, but now it is very clear to you that their turmoil has affected this blessed being.  Speak to all that are present, all that will listen, of her needs.  Shelter her if possible from them.  Never speak against either parent, but try to help her to understand their anger, their difficulty, that their element of learning at this time, has nothing to do with her.  That she is a beautiful creation, perhaps their purpose for being together—to create such a wonder.

You are in a very difficult position, dearest one, seeing this and yet feeling unable to speak.  For it is, perhaps you think, not your place.  But being an ancient one and knowing and seeing, puts you in the place of being responsible—to help this one grow, to find light and love.

Drink deep of the strength that you be.  Stand strong and speak in a calm clear voice that they must not speak harshly to one another, that they must not speak about one another’s pain in front of this child.  And that their actions have filtered through to her.  And of course she will feel responsible for their pain.  You must tell them this, for it is only through their actions that this can stop.  Of course, for healing themselves they must proceed in this way. They must show her that although choices can be made that perhaps can cause harm,  also choices can also be made to help heal.

Words, always filled with love, can be communicated to this child.  Don’t be afraid to talk about feelings and helping, about being together. You are a blessed being.  Thank you for seeing.  Thank you for being.

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  1. gailatthefarm March 25, 2011 at 8:28 pm - Reply

    I supposed I am looking for a direction. I seem to have lost my enthusiam for life. I work in a career with the postal service and am so tired of working. I have a chance to retire but know retirement can not support my expenses.

    We are on a family farm and share with my sisters. They both work here and I am finding I have less and less to contribute. I am withdrawn from the family and just tired. I have lost my joy.

    The sisters are trying to open a shop to display our talents and our “trash” to sell from our various collections of family left overs.

    My husband and I are raising a fourteen year old grandson. I am afraid my negatively is adversely affecting every one and our progress.

    I have a blog, which seems to be my only joy.

    I had a question answered by you in Sepetmember 9, 2009.

    I still am no closer to a direction or a solution than I was then. I paid before my comment/question…I guess my question is…what’s next, what do I do?

  2. SP March 25, 2011 at 9:54 pm - Reply

    Hi Spirity Guides,

    I would like information on N. We had an brief incredible meeting, eyes met, speechless, a past life confirmation from my Guides from this site. Being away from him for so many months, I literally felt a pain in my soul.

    Miraculously God brought us together. He did not even know my name but managed to find me online in all the clutter. At first the communication was touching, but afterwards he became angry at little things, like when I changed my comments. It became a codependent unheathy relationship. I grew more uncomfertable with it. Then the final draw, he told me he had a girlfriend and said that I knew all along, questioning my morality and saying that I would pay for my transgressions. This really hurt me, since I initially asked if he had a girlfriend and he denied it.

    As soon as I found this out, I cut off all communication with him. He wanted me back, when I refused and remained silent, again he resorted to being mean to me. I sense that he hates me and is mad. I hate to leave things off on a bad note, but I do not know what else to do.

    I just feel so sad that such a beautiful, spiritual, magical union of two people is now ruined. I feel so many strange emotions around him, one minute I hate him for what he does, the next I forgive him, the next I feel like there is some kind of unfinished business here. I am so confused on why this person has come into my life, and why I can’t seem to let go. Furthermore, I am confused on what he wants from me since he has a girlfriend and is just continuously sending nasty comments to hurt me. I feel like I am going through hell. I have lost weight, can’t sleep, any quiet moment the events replay in my mind, and the universe shows me things that remind me of him all the time.

    I want to be free, but then I don’t. I want to leave things off right, I need to know if I am being harsh by remaining silent and cutting off all communication. I just want to do the right thing. I want to know if I should just forget him and move on and the ultimate purpose of this strange meeting. I would also like insight on how he is feeling about the situation and why he continues to hold on and insult me.

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