Helping a child learn to sleep alone

sleeping-childScooterish writes:

Hello! I’d like to ask about my daughter. She both amazes me….and scares me, and has so since she was a baby. She is like my shadow. I’d like to know how I can help her sleep in her own bed at night? It’s very troubling to my husband as he has difficulty sleeping due to lack of space in our bed. This has been going on for so long now and I’d like to see it change.

The guide’s response:

Oh my beautiful one, and your beautiful child, the bond you have with this blessed being is very strong, known by both. It provides security and love. Just as this child suckled from your breast, this child feeds from your energies. So you cannot approach this with a negative or restrictive manner. You must speak openly and calmly and talk to her. She is a very wise little one.

Speak not at bedtime but early in the day. Ask her: Tell me, my dearest, what can I do to help you sleep in your own bed, to allow your own energies to surround you and make you stronger?

For it is the work of all beings to be separate in their own energy. It does not mean that you two will be separated for a long time. For the love bond that you two share will always be there, even if miles apart you will still share this bond of love. Speak these words to this child; she understands all of it. Give her the opportunity to create an avenue where she can grow and be strong.

Don’t make it an obstacle or a difficulty, but a great opportunity for growth. Be open with your partner, the father of this child as well, that is must not be a negative, but instead a warm wonderful step of growing, like going to school, like learning to read, like learning to cook and be her own individual. These are all wonderful parts of the physical experience, nothing to fear my wonderful mother, but in truth a wonderful bond you have with this one. Bless you. The child will give you the way to do it.

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