Help with mood swings and headaches and tremors

Gina asks about her mood swings and pain. She says, “What can I do to correct the problems that cause my mood swings, headaches, and head tremor? What is the cause of each? I see doctors but the problem has not been resolved. I cry from the pain I experience. I seek. I ask. I expect as taught. Please help me. Thank you.”


The being had severe poisoning. There is an imbalance, a toxic condition. Do not fear, dear one, this can be righted with a pure diet, healing, and rest. Trust in your inner self. You know this, my dear. You know your inner strength. You have been a powerhouse in the past and it shall return. You have been looking to outside places for your help instead of inside. Take the time for some quiet reflection, meditation, talks with your body. Imbalances such as this are a condition when one is overburdened by the many toxins in your physical world. But mostly for you this occurred from a situation that happened when you were approximately thirteen years of age.

No. Do not be afraid. This can be balanced. Seek the information that feels right to you. Nothing bizarre or ridiculous things.  Find a truth that you can follow and heal by. The pain in your body is telling you that it needs attention, so take time and listen.  You are the best one to know what is happening in your body. So, listen to it. Give it its voice. This is difficult as you have been so involved in the pain, but it is not impossible.

Remember, you are the teacher of your own path and you are the one in control, my dear. You are overwhelmed at this time. Be still. There is not only one thing to address; there are many things. Vitamin C helps to detoxify. Look at many of the natural things to help with this.

You are not alone my dearest. There is a way. You will find it. You know very well that this is part of your growing.  A part of you never truly understood the wonder of your body. It is not the whole of this, but part of this is occurring now. Be patient.  Love yourself.  Give yourself some attention and honour. You are not alone.

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  1. Anonymous April 6, 2010 at 2:00 am - Reply

    Follow-up to “Help with mood swings and headaches and tremors” Thank you for your response and letting me know not to worry or panic :)What or who caused me to be poisoned? What is the name of the poison? You mention age 13 in particular. What happened at that age? I meditate now but how do I know what my body is saying to me besides that it hurts? How do I interpret its language?I want to settle down as in have my own home again. What would be a good city for me economically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally? I have traveled to various places and would like some assistance here. I also keep the impending earth shift in mind as I want me and my babies in a safe place.Thank youGina

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