Help for one with angina and leg pain and control issues

D.L. McDowell writes, “Because I am experiencing angina again, am I in danger of having a heart attack or a stroke.What do I need to do to work with this challenge? I did see a Cardiologist and he ordered a scan and that is more than a month ago and I have not rec’d an appt. Is it serious enough to go to emergency?  Is this occurence separate from my leg pain/varicous vein problem?I would appreciate getting clarity,direction, and understanding as to what is happening in my body.Is the horsechesnut that I am taking of great benefit to my vein problem? All my questions here actually pertain to one thing and that being my vascular system. I know how old I am and of course you do as well. Because for the most part I feel so young, I have embarked on this new path of creating more money so that I can have more of what I want in life. It is also my desire to keep moving forward in all directions open to me. Is my body in unison with my desires and will my adventure be lucrative?

You have such a zest for life and learning and growing.  You need to rely on this and relax, firstly.  Angina you call it.  There is some pressure is building up around the sac of the heart.  Some nerve veins have some difficulty.  For you a diet of all vegetable would be most, most helpful with lots of fiber in the healthy vegetables and fruits and lots of fluid.  Do not refrain from all of the natural things that are possible in your world for these are very healthy for you.

A heart attack is usually for someone who is very stressed out.  You do think a great deal but I don’t think you are stressed out.  Angina is usually something that occurs after physical exertion and thus the veins are involved as well causing the stress and the pain. There are the medications, of course, but you have to believe in them to help you.  But do so my dear. Allow the natural and medical world to support you.  Do not be afraid of it.  See it as your friend and not your enemy.  Oh, dearest one.

She wants to know if this is separate from the leg pain, the angina?

No, it is part of the same thing.  Lots of oils are necessary. Your omegas are very important in your world and very important for the processes of your heart.  There are many right now that can help strengthen the heart muscle and ease the pressures in the veins and the arteries.  But mostly find joy, blessed one. Laughter is wonderful for these systems.  I want to tell you dearest, you fight against life, truly, although you feel you have a zest for it. You want to control it completely.  It causes a tightening in every part of your body.  So, relax.  Go, it is not through resistance, but acceptance.  Allow the blood to flow through your veins.  Allow it to move with ease and happiness, stop fighting, stop resisting life.  Start enjoying it.  In your attempts to control it, you are actually limiting yourself.  I am saying don’t choose and go places but allow things to be.

Do not analyze and judge; allow it to open to you. No, my dear, you cannot control the world, you can only be responsible for your own path.  Stop fighting, start loving. She needs to visualize and use the power of that mighty brain she has to open up all of the veins of her body and visualize them as supple, soft and moving with ease.  She needs to learn to meditate and self hypnosis.  She needs to learn about herself and stop controlling the world around her.

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