Hello dear guides and thank you. I feel so upside down lately. I am having a hard time with sleep and finding my new job exhausting. I have tried really hard to make new friends, and still I feel so alone at times. Is there anything I can do to make sleep easier for me. I need to get out more but I am too tired. . Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Miss hormone imbalance

Dear, dear blessed little worrier, you are so much thinking constantly, back and forth. You need to still that voice that is often quite harmful to you, a voice you heard early in life that no longer serves you well, blessed one. To still the voice you must almost step into the shoes of others, not that you will see yourself but you will see their life and they truly are trying to be friends.

You do present yourself quite closed off to some beings, quite perfect, and you have worked very hard at being this. But you want them to see that you are not so perfect and you are willing to be one with others and allow yourself to giggle and laugh at yourself and situations. Ask others how they are doing and think not of your own state of being. Help them to feel safe within your understanding and they will, and you will allow yourself an openness between the two.

As for sleeping, there are many reasons for not sleeping: this active mind, this body that sometimes has imbalances. One of the best ways to regulate one’s hormonal imbalances and lack of sleep is to make sure you have time out of doors. Raining or not, dull or shiny, stand out in nature, as close to it as you can. Try not to be standing on a hard surface that is man-made, but perhaps on ground, grass or earth or sand. Just be one with it for a while, hear the rhythm of your earth. Allow it to flow through you and reunite with it.

You have a guide that is very much in tune with the natural rhythms of the world. So when you are in the greatest of difficulties, ask for help with this. And when you lie down to sleep, speak as you would to a child. Say: goodnight toes, goodnight knees, goodnight fingers, and work your way up to your brain. Say: goodnight brain, I love you, I am wonderful, I am perfect. And in the morning I will rise strong, radiant and I will be.

Sometimes people reserve these wonderful gentle words to help ease into different times of the day only for children. Yet the child in you is still very much alive, and it often is more in touch with the heart and the head than any of you realize.

Bless you my dear. There are beings that want to be your friend. You must just allow them in.