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Anonymous writes:

I had my Mitral valve replaced with a cow valve in September. The initial healing process was surprisingly quick but has since has seemed to have plateaued and I find that 3 months later I am still very tired. My heart rate is above what my cardiologist would like it to be and I’ve been on beta blockers as a response to this. This is my 4th open heart surgery, so I expected it to be a long process and I know that my high heart rate is contributing to the tiredness but I am wondering if you can offer me some guidance as to why the healing process seems to be a bit more dragged out than I expected. Thank you very much for your time and I hope this finds you all feeling well and strong.

I would also like to add that my brain has been feeling exceptionaly foggy and only now seems to be clearing up a little bit.  Thank you again.

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, much, much has happened. Much growth has occurred.  You often don’t even feel like it is even you anymore.  There have been mistakes made, and things corrected and physically, now, it is up to you.  Don’t have expectations as to when you will feel what they expect you to be.  Know that you are in the light of being, that your choices have the greatest effect on how quickly you shall heal.

You’ve had a broken heart, blessed one, physically and spiritually. You need to understand about your own strength, your own truth.  Choosing for you is so important and at first you may feel afraid to choose for yourself, as so many have had authority over you in the past. And you do feel unable to make clear thoughts of what is right for you.  But, slowly and clearly, you will start to choose.

Choose foods that are filled with energy and light.  Choose nothing that has already been dead, or has the life in it removed.  Choose things that are fresh and full of light and energy.  This will help you.  Choose things that you can absorb the energies from slowly.  In other words, chewing your food slowly is very important and making sure the digestive enzymes are present.  The trauma that your body has received from these conditions and these corrections has been great.  From the very first one to now, you have never taken the time to heal all of this.  And so, be very patient and treat your being with gentle, love and kindness as you would to a newly born baby.

This is a blessed body that has undergone great shock. Your liver has absorbed great amounts of drugs, not only to numb pain, but also to numb thinking–so do not be surprised that your beautiful brain is having difficulty.  Also, as you heal your liver will release from time to time as the body can cope with some of the drugs.  Its greatest purpose in your body is to absorb much of the chemical so it does not harm your brain, but it must release it through the bloodstream and thus to the filters, through the kidneys, through the urination.  So these drugs will be affecting you for some time, dearest one.  I am not saying how long. But know you will have days when you will need to sleep, so sleep.  You will have days when you will need to cry, so cry.  You will have days where you will eat everything in sight, do so, blessed one. Try to feed your body well.

Try to get lots of sleep and gets lots of fresh air in your lungs as they feel very much dormant.  Breathe the cool, clean air and find laughter and joy, even if you need to go to places and situations that are just funny to be in.  For so long you have been so worried and so stressed.  And now, you must find the wonderful giggling laugher for that is the medicine that you need.  Bless you, my child. Open your hands and release the fear and hold on to the love of which you are.

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  1. Pam December 27, 2011 at 4:32 pm - Reply

    A year ago I invested in a foreign currency with the hope that it will revalue soon. Do you see this happening in the next two months?

  2. Maria December 27, 2011 at 11:45 pm - Reply

    Hello, I would like to know why I developed bunions and is there something I could do to treat this? It is very painful. Thank you, Maria.

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