Heart arrhythmia, feelings, and vibrational medicine


I want to ask you what is going on with my heart.  It is going out of rhythm for 3 to 5 minutes,  sometimes up to five hours.  I’m really concerned about it.  Is there something I need to know that would help the situation resolve?



Well, there are several things at hand, my dearest one.  You are getting very good at speaking of your emotions and your tender places within your being.  But you still need to do a bit more work of that.  You’ve had a very emotional heart a few times in this world.  You need to be able to touch it, speak it, feel it.  When a part of your body is speaking to you like this, like “yoohoo, listen to me, listen to me, you are not listening to me”– that is how your heart is going.  It is trying to communicate with you.  What happens as well, there are negative and positive ions in the heart that are now misfiring and they are all screwed up.

You can help this a great deal by a certain diet and exercise, vibrational exercise, magnetism this helps to straighten these things out as well.  And the most important thing though is to find laughter, and stop being so serious.  That is easy for me to say as I don’t have a body anymore.  But I will say to you dear that you need to laugh and find joy.  And understand that it is just a wee heart needing to talk to you and you need to listen.

So when it starts this nonsense, just take a deep breath and go okay, I’m listening.  Oh, do I need to feel that pain, perhaps I need to cry.  Perhaps I need to go and eat a hamburger.  I don’t know exactly what your voice will be telling you.  But you keep yourself a bit too rigid, my darling, and you need to mess it up a bit and get a bit more flexible.  This will help a great deal.

Now, I know your doctor will tell you many things and it is wise to use all parts of the physical world for all have good parts to them.  But it is very important for you to find a very calm, a relaxed sort of natural being to talk to about these things.  Someone who can talk to you about the positive and negative ions of the body.  This will help.  And work on giving voice to the feelings.  And it is not a crazy heart, it is a lovely heart.  You know sometimes from exercising too much like muscle lifting and the blood vessels get constricted, be careful of that.

L:  Could you explain what you mean about vibrational medicine and magnets?

There are so many things in your world that offer assistance in being in the body. Because you are made up of positive and negative charges, there is an electrical system which does affect the heart a great deal (not to say that it doesn’t affect other parts of the body as well).   You can sleep on mats with magnets, you can apply magnets to your being.  You must be wise in this and follow the whole belief system in order to feel comfortable, safe and secure within these beliefs.  You see, it must connect to the mind as well as to the body.

The conscious mind is your greatest difficulty, dearest one, for you fight with all things that are present in your path.   So your greatest negative charge comes from your mind.  The negative charge is a positive thing as it will create comfort, relaxation and freedom of stress.  You need to walk with yourself, blessed one.  You need to talk with yourself and ask what is it you do battle with?  Are you disappointed in what you have chosen for your life path?  Do you feel you have not done what you wanted to do?  Do you think you will meet someone to share your life and love with that you have not done so?  Are you feeling alone?  These are the things you must walk and talk with yourself about.

Oh yes, seek out other beliefs, seek out spiritual healing, magnets, freedom of tension through meditation, through deep relaxation, through touch.  Touch is always very good as it helps to connect the body and mind with the spirit.  I believe for you, that touch is the best.  But you must seek what is best for you.  You might unlock that mighty mind, that conscious grey matter that so wants to do the right thing; it feels it has failed you.  Bless you my child for you are not alone.  The entities that surround you are working very hard with you.  Be not angry.  Every time you feel that tension, breathe into the depths of your diaphragm, deep cleansing breaths.  Seek out touch, or gaze into another’s eyes, be rooted in being.  Bless you.

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