Healing the past to get the rest you need

Elizabeth has a question about getting the rest she needs.  She writes, “Ten years ago I had surgery to remove a cyst, I had severe endometriosis.  Ever since I’ve been unable to sleep well; I wake up tired.  I used to wake up full of energy every single day. It was amazing, even when I was depressed!  What can I do to wake up rested again? Is my immune system stronger now? I’ve been good.  Could you also please tell me who my guides are?  Thank you and much love.”

Often it is the case that a manifestation of something is created in the body and when it is physically removed it causes trauma.  A trauma that connects to a past existence.  That is what she is having difficulty with because the surgery does not truly erase all that that is within the vibrational state.  So what to do to heal the deepest part of this being?  Do not be afraid of not sleeping.  Understand that the body and the consciousness and the spirit are trying to communicate in unison.  There is one thing that you have been terribly upset about and unable to touch that that is within that deep pain.  So– go to those places of pain or these things you are avoiding, my dear. These are the things that are keeping you awake, that you try to fight against.  Think about them.  But understand that you are safe.  You are in a place of complete safety now in this life that you are in.  Know that your immune system can be strong and radiant and that you need to choose to be that that you are.  There is much, my dearest, that you are blocking and trying not to feel.  It may not consciously make any sense in your physical world right now.  But allow yourself to walk through it.  Know that you are safe and that it will not happen again.

You will heal, dearest. Your resistance to being whole and happy is that you have not healed a part of your being.  It is holding you there and you sense that.  That is why you kept talking about that that was.  It was traumatic.  But it also related to a previous lifetime and existence.

Who are your guides?  There are amazing entities around you.  There is an amazing chef.  If you could just sit back and tune into this one, the joy and laughter of this one will heal you a great deal.  You also have with you from a previous lifetime a very religious being–so probably rituals will make you feel secure. But this is not a time for that now; it is a new life.  And there is one who is working most with you–a gentle, beautiful being that loved gardens, and walks through lovely green places, a great teacher of–it was called biology then. She drew pictures of beautiful flowers and this is how she taught many people about botany.   This is who you have with you at this time and they are there to help you so do not fear.

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