Healing of acne and toxicity

Melanie writes, “This is an embarrassing question but I have ran out of ideas to help my issue. Iv had acne for about 9 years now and I need help and advice about how to understand why I have it, and (most importantly) how to get rid of it. PLEASE help me, as this has been a source of extreme stress and embarrassment. for me throughout almost half of my life. Thank you a thousand thankyous.”

Dear, dear one, you carry on your shoulders such burdens.  It is time to drink deep the elixir and wonder of life.  What does this mean?  It means start first by breathing, deep cleansing breaths to the very bottom of your diaphragm.  Releasing with every exhale all the heavy burdens you carry in your mind and in your energy, releasing.  This acne is a manifestation of the toxicity you find your world.  Blessed one, it is not something you apply to the surface but from the very inside of your being, to release.

I know it has been very difficult for you on this path. You are a very evolved being and lived many, many times and have seen such pain that it is now etched upon you.  You do not need to carry this firstly.  There are many forms of meditation, stillness, self-hypnosis, places in which you must go to the deep part of your being and begin unleashing the burdens you carry.

See not the skin, but the beauty of your being, the light that is so strong.  You do not even have the whole awareness of how many other beings you have carried and helped.  It is time to release them and allow your being to shine, to radiate.  So, begin firstly with deep rest, deep breathing, drinking of pure water, treating your body, your being as a new infant might be treated with the finest food, the clearest of energy around you, the kindest of love for your being.  Seek out forms of meditation, of release, of acceptance, of forgiveness.

Embrace love and start to seek that that will heal you whether it be music or laughter.  In time, you will then look at diet, self-healing, natural elements in your environment as in herbs.  First, prepare the soil, the being, begin at the roots and work up my child and know that you are not alone.  You are loved.

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