Rachel writes:

My Dearest Guides, Thank you for the guidance you’ve given me regarding my mother’s estate. This is a difficult process. I have 2 sisters that want more money but do not appear to want to do any work or cooperate in bringing forth information that is required for us to be successful because this is painful for them. Is there some way I can encourage them to do this for themselves or was I initially wrong in encouraging them to participate? Will their behavior harm our case? Is there anything I have overlooked or need to address with regard to our brother? I am so very grateful for your love and guidance. Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Your gentle way of speaking and approaching the sisters is the balanced way, for you offer only love and light.  Speak to them that it is time to speak their truth, that it is frightening but there is no one who will harm them anymore.  There is no one who will attack, or judge, or criticize for you know very well that that they know and you do not fear for you have grown and you are wonderfully open about loving.

You do know that your brother is very unbalanced.  No, nothing to fear but will be seen quite clearly as unable to cope with anything that you present.  The tool that was used to control all of you in your early life was fear and guilt and judgment and harshness.  So each of you deals with this now and each is trying to heal it in your own way; some with clarity, some with confusion and some by trying to ignore it.  All of which you have a clear understanding is impossible without first loving your own being.  Be your own parent by loving yourself, by forgiving yourself, by accepting the wisdom of who you be and your right to ask for that that you need.  It is truly not about money.  It is about being seen and heard and being loved.

So, you deal with a difficult task, blessed one, to help them, to lead them to be loving parents to themselves.  But be not their parent, be not responsible for their actions. Accept what they do and know very well that all lawyers are wise to this. They understand the trauma that each of you has walked and been present in.  You are surrounded with loved ones and light, know this.  You are not alone.  Try to put words to your heart’s feelings.  When there is fear, speak of love; hold them in the love that you present dearest one and the truth shall be known.