Gina asks a further question to an answer about her mood swings, headaches and tremors.  She wonders what or who caused her to be poisoned.  She still feels pain and wants to know how to interpret this language from her body.  She says she’d like to settle down and wonders where would be a good place for her.

The being spoke of poison and in truth it was heavy metals that need to be cleaned from the body.  And your body is processing it slowly.  IT is not an easy thing. They attach themselves especially in the neurons in the brain, wherever there is an electrical charge there is often a conglomerate there. This is not completely understood in your world.  This happened from a water source.  There was no one acting against you to poison you.  But this is how it occurred.

How to remove these things?  You must make sure that you are living and exercising and being very healthy in what you consume.  Avoid anything that is chlorinated or has fluoride.  The water you drink should be as pure as possible and of good warm temperature, not too cold or too hot.  Treat your body as you would the most precious baby. It is a most wonderful body, this gift for your learning.  Do not be angry with it.  Be tolerant with this experience.  It is teaching you a great deal about the conditions of the human experience.  Do not be afraid of it, my dear. You will heal.

She says she still has pain and wants to know how to interpret that.

Listen to it.  Listen to it.  Give it a voice.  And if the voice speaks to you then take it under advisement of how you should help it.  Be the captain of your own ship—this beautiful body.  Listen to all parts of it and then decide how to help it run smoothly.

She is also asking where she can settle down to have her own home again.  She has traveled to many places and wants to be safe.

There was a reason she did not root in any one place and she is in the process of healing that now.  In time she will know where she can find comfort, but in truth it is in herself she needs to find comfort.

She also asks about an impending earth shift.  I’m not sure what that is.

It is fear.  That is what she is trying to heal right now.  IT is part of all of this.  All of her reactions and actions and pain in her body is all about it.  It’s the   healing that she has interpreted in a fearful way, that something else is invading her and she will lose ground.   Not so.  Know that she is in a place that she will become more solid than ever.

So she doesn’t need to move to another place?

She can move wherever she wants to move.  She will know what is right for her.  Tell her to look into the eyes of the beings that are close to her.  Look into them and see her reflection.  It will help her to heal herself.

I’ll pass that on.