Elizabeth asks about her father. She says he suffers a great deal and she wants to know why he does not remember his abuse of her. She wonders if he has blocked it out. She doesn’t think he has but he denies it and she wonders if it’s the only way he has of coping with it.

He is truly a different being than he was when the abuse occurred. He has grown. He abhors that action and believes by his words that he can erase it. He knows he cannot. He loves the child and feels very uneasy with the knowledge that is between the two of them. Blessings be to her to find love, to find acceptance, even understanding that this one who was one way in the past is now greater. She is a great being that has grown a vast amount. It is only through her love and her vibrational ability to see beyond what occurred that has allowed him to grow. The part of her that doubts herself is tied within it still. Speak to her that it was real, that she gave a great gift of growth, that she has grown. And this is all she needs to worry about.

Many beings are often abusive through the past knowledge of how to be. When they do finally grow and move through it they find it very difficult to understand that they at one time were a certain way. Love, unconditional love, is the only thing that heals. Healing does not erase it, it simply makes if vibrationally acceptable. It is often believed that through healing all things are forgotten. It simply alters the vibrational state of that that needs to be healed, and thus makes it capable for the being to live with.

Right, so you still carry it with you but it’s in a place of peace?

Vibrationally altered, yes.

Thank you, that’s very helpful.