Psychic surgery and animal communication

Almondine asks:

Thank you for answering my question. I was also wondering about psychic surgery…Is there such a thing? There is a man in the Phillipines named Jun Labo who can do this. Would it be possible for me to learn how if I trained? Perhaps a spirit guide could teach me like one taught Jun? Also, I am learning how to do animal communication(telepathy) and wanted to know if you could give me any advice as to how to make more progress with it. Thank you, love and light.

Dearest one, you do stand in the light and this is why you can converse with all manners of creatures.  Just keep doing that that you do blessed one.  Trust that it is all there at your fingertips.  You have entities (guides) that are with you and help you a great deal and ask if that is what you desire to do, psychic surgery, then so be it.  But trust my dearest. The greatest amount of trust must come from within you that this can be.  The smallest amount of doubt will limit you and this is what truly limits many beings from being the greatest that they can be, is doubt.  Somewhere, at some point, someone says that you are not as perfect or as beautiful as you truly are and for the reason of it, the physical domain, we often attach to the negative before the positive.  Once that is entrenched in the physical being, it is difficult to remove.  So, she must practice being who she is until she believes it is her truth.  What do I say practice?  I say practice by learning, or teaching herself, or by visualizing it, seeing you going through the process.  When you are with a being and feel their pain, focus as to where that pain is and visualize yourself going in with the hands and pulling it out.  Remember, that it is not yours and do not put it into your sphere of energy but release it to the universe.  But remember that the conscious mind of that being has its own limits and imitations and openness.  So it is not just one being that creates psychic surgery, it is two. It is the bond between two.  It is the bond between the two that make it possible or not possible.  It is not as complicated as you will try to make it.  But those that do these things are usually very simple, open and gentle beings that have simply played with the idea and just do it.

Joanna – so they don’t have doubt in their minds.  Once the doubt enters the mind how do we get rid of that?

Guide – there are many things at hand, the vibrational state of the being, the evolution of the being, the beings that wish to believe.  There are many things at hand.  Doubt. That simple little word actually relates to many different variables in the human.  It can be from the early stages of life about the feeling of self, about the purpose of coming, about the promises at hand and each individual is unique of course.  But this one because there is a desire to do it, there is a small opening in the doubt.  And it is possible to release it, to trust in the wonder and magic and to believe in that that others do not.  This one is strong and a very gentle being and does not need a lot of words but often just compassion and love.

Donna – when she is asking if a spirit guide can teach her, is that possible?

Guide – if it is meant to be it is already in process.

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  1. almandine January 26, 2011 at 10:59 am - Reply

    Thank you so much for answering my question..

    I had another very specific question. What my last life like? Was I man or woman(I think I was a man)? What was my personality? What did I do for work? What were my more “challenging” qualities(what did I need to work more on in myself?)

    Also, I wanted to know if I was ever a mother to my friend Zack? Or was I ever his boyfriend/husband when he was a woman in his other lives? Thank you so much and blessing to you!

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