Healers, past lives and feelings of instant connection

KF asks about a dear friend who is coming to a time of great spiritual growth. She says, “He is eager to open and walk through the doors to his future as a healer–through communication. Is there any advice you can give him as to what he can do to make his passions come true. Also he is curious about past lives. Can you tell him how he can connect with his past? I feel there must be multiple times he and I have shared lives. Our bond is incredible–would you please help explain this and is there anything you can tell me about some of the ones we shared. Many thanks.

These two are very connected. They do enjoy talking about all the many things. It’s important to contemplate the past. The fact is you’ve come back again to support one another in a new and not-yet-experienced promises (or issues of growth). He needs to truly understand his being. In healing for others, you have to understand that you become a conduit, an energy force, to allow the energies to flow through you to others. And this is loving yourself, and then other beings. This could take many forms. He could follow a certain series of programs and study certain things or he could just simply follow his own knowledge, his own inner teacher, to place his hands or make certain movements. The ways to develop healing are as numerous as there are beings in the world.

His dream is to feel wanted and to help other beings feel wanted and loved. This being has spent a good amount of time being lonely and feeling like he was the only one and not having others to communicate with. He does communicate with this one very well because it is an old and well-known vibration between the two of them. Well known. Does that help you?

I think that’s helpful. They say they feel an incredible bond and wonder if there is any lifetime in particular that they have shared.

Yes, of course. They are sensing that old love that is between the two of them, that old knowing. Finishing each other’s sentences, knowing what the other one is thinking or doing. This is usually always shared by one that you have partnered with in the physical love experience. And they have indeed and they have parented many children together. They will often find themselves in a situation of finding it impossible not to have these feelings towards one another. It is always there. It does not mean they have to act on them, but they are very much part of their vibration.

Ok, thank you.

People often become confused about this, thinking that there is only one being they can love. But there are many beings that you might have a promise with—promises are acts of learning. And instead of only one, you might have perhaps many that you have shared this very similar bond with and you may be instantly drawn to them. It doesn’t mean they are the only ones.

Yes, it’s sometimes confusing,–when you’re with someone and then you’re drawn to another.
Yes, there is the word soul mate that suggests there is only one; it is not true. There can be many.

Thank you.

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  1. Mr.Tone June 25, 2009 at 7:03 am - Reply

    I recently got reconnected with an old flame from 28 years ago and it’s like we never missed a beat, Unfortunately she is married and wants to be with me, I’m just wondering if we would ever be together she wants to be with me and she has stated so, i find myself thinking of her every waking minute and she feels the same.My other question was of myself and if i had a past life i feel like i do.Thanks

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