I would like to ask a few questions about my health.  I have been feeling very tired for many months and a heaviness inside my body.  I go about my day, I do have the energy for that, but as soon as the work part stops I am completely drained after that.  I’m wondering what is going on?

Well, where do I start?  Will I first address the unhappiness?  Or, will I address the fact that you are having a struggle between your heart and your head.    You have also manifested something which is often called in your world which begins with a virus, fibromyalgia.  Have you heard of this dear?  You have a condition of inflammation within your blood, within your being that causes a great deal of confusion, the communion between your heart and your head.  You are not happy with what you are doing, you feel like you are just putting in time.  You are not doing things that you thought you would really be much happier with life and work as you had a very sunny nature.  You thought you would be much happier.   I shouldn’t be telling you exactly what you are thinking (gentle laughter), but I have the ability, dearest one.   To change it you need to find out what happiness is.  You have to find out what makes you happy.  What makes you tick?  What makes you want to get up in the morning?  And know that it isn’t going to happen quickly because this did not happen overnight.  You found yourself in this place almost as if you have lead shoes on.  So, take the shoes off.  Start the giggling and laughing and finding happy things to do, is a good start and trying to find that voice within you that likes to play and is full of nonsense that you do have.   You do it once in a while and you giggle so much your ribs hurt, but you haven’t done that for a long time.  I know, that didn’t help at all did it?  You would much rather I say take this vitamin.   There are so many vitamins that just make expensive pee in your world.  You need to watch this a little more. 

You see everything you have to do to fulfill your path is within you.  First of all, we have to teach that mind that keeps saying you have to be responsible just to be quiet for a bit.   And then start listening to your heart’s voice.  When was the last time you were humming?  When was the last time you just doodled about?  Start talking to your heart sweetie and you’ll find your energy again.  It won’t be overnight.   Lay in the sunshine too.  You could use some vitamin D and that is inexpensive. You should have lots of pecans and seeds, not too many almonds as they are not good for your being.  You should watch not to have too much flesh of animals that have hormones in them. Animals were meant to be eaten so don’t be afraid of that.  I know that might sound rather harsh, but that is the truth.  And vegetables, I know you’re not nuts about them, but they are very good for you.  And dearest, you are somewhat very sensitive to chlorine so make sure it is released before you drink it.