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C writes, “I was wondering what will become of my husband’s music career. He is very unhappy and we are struggling with money (but still healthy and very lucky to be together).  He wants to work with musical scoring full time. Will he be able to do this? We hope to move to the Pacific NW and feel that is where we all belong. And finally, I have 2 kids but want to know if there any chance we might have one more? My husband claims he is done because of finances but I feel like one more soul is around.

You are a blessed light.  He should realize what a true angel he has for a partner.  For you have supported this one through all his endeavors, you have loved him unconditionally, and your children.  You are what is often referred to as a guide in the physical form for you hear, you see, and you give only pure, unjudgmental love.  And so you ask, will your husband find his happiness.  Does he see it’s right within his own form?  You ask this yourself many times.  His music is his art, his role, his life.  And it’s true that he must learn to express it to find the note that lifts his being, for this is how he tells who he is in this world.  Moving is a good thing, but more, he must learn how to express his words of who he be.  He has a desire to heal others through music and it is a wondrous thing.  Do not worry about this.

As to the other child, blessed one, conception takes place spiritually long before the physical conception.  And that is what you feel.  But the choice lies within the being as to whether to allow this one to come through or not.  I know you, ancient one, feel that being and want it to be.  But know that no harm will come to that one if you should choose not to allow this to be.  There are many things in your world affecting your choices, affecting growth of others.  Worry not.  At this time, allow all things to be in their own growth and their own wonder.

Moving?  Yes, you probably will, but it’s not my choice to make for you.  It’s your choice to make together with your loved one.

Tell him to speak of his wonder more.  Tell him say it out loud, to write it down.  You live in a world where much is about advertising.  Communication in the most positive form is what he must do.  Be not afraid.  Be.

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